Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I'm Bella, a Long-Haired, Miniature Dachshund, and I LOVE Living in Mexico!

Sand, Surf, and Sunshine

I LOVE Digging for Crabs on the Beach!
     My name is Bella. I'm a chocolate and cream-colored, long-haired, miniature dachshund. I’ve traveled in México with my people since 2011. I’ve lived in México for almost three years and I love it. Before that, I lived at the beach in Ecuador for a while when I was a pup and I liked it, but I enjoy México even more, especially since I have a house with a yard now. There are so many things to do here and I am very busy.
It's Fun When My Dad, Jon, Helps Me Dig
My Mom, Terry, Throws the Ball for Me
The Weather is So Good, We Play Ball a Lot
     When I’m not playing on the beach or taking walks with my people, I have a lot of responsibility at home. I will tell you about some of my jobs at home. 
Birds Like Juan the Guan Sit On Our Wall
I Have to Bark at Them to Make Them Leave

In Rainy Times Land Crabs Show Up in Our Yard!

I Have to Point to the Crab and Bark...

Until Dad Catches It and Carries It to the Jungle

Lots of Chickens and Dogs Live on Our Street

So I Spend Hours Listening & Guarding the Gates

     I'm lucky that dogs are allowed to bark in México. Barking is part of my job, to protect my people. Yes, I work hard in the yard, but I also take time to relax in the sunshine and play with friends. 
When I Sunbathe, I Put My Babies in the Sun Next to Me

I Like to Play with Other Dogs When We Visit Friends

One of My Favorite Things is to Ride in the Golf Cart

When We Drive Through Town, I get to Look at All the Tourists

     One of my favorite things to do is to ride in the golf cart. I get to sit in the front seat right between Mom and Dad. When we drive through town, I get to look at all the tourists. They look at me with my ears flying back and smile because they think I’m cute. I know I am. Sometimes when we are stopped at the lavandería to pick up my people’s clothes, someone will want to pet me because I have soft hair. If they are mellow, I let them. Then when they start to leave, I loudly tell them to come back and pet me some more. I don’t know why that always makes people laugh. 
I Tell Mom & Dad When They Take Too Long to Give Me a Treat!

     I talk a lot and some people don't seem to understand me. But, Mom and Dad always understand my words. I tell Mom and Dad when they take too long to give me a treat! They listen, too, but sometimes laugh at me and Mom says, “you wait. Dad’s not ready, yet.” So, I squirm a little, but wait patiently in my perfect “down” pose until Mom gives me a treat. Then, they leave through the gate and I think, oh good, they’re going to dinner. Now I’m in charge here and can bark whenever I need to.
I Like to Sit On Dad's Lap in the Motorhome
     Sometimes we take motorhome trips and I go along for the ride, tolerating the long, boring drives that my people seem to love because we do it several times a year, traveling around Mexico and to the United States to see my people’s Mom and children and grandchildren. I like to sit on Mom or Dad's lap, when they aren't at the wheel, because I get lots of pets.
Our RV trip to the Yucatán & Other Places in México was Fun

     I have also traveled between the U.S. and México on an airplane. I am famous on the internet for a photo of me waiting patiently in my pet carrier. My Mom wrote an article about flying into Puerto Vallarta with me. 
I am Famous on the Internet for This Photo

     I guess I caused a lot of trouble because we had to stay in the airport for two hours, waiting for a vet to come and look at me and give me a pill. Some new law in México, not anything I did wrong. But I sure wasn’t happy with all the fuss, and I told the inspector so. He didn’t seem to like me voicing my opinion, but someone needed to. My Mom explained it all in her article, “Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are Being Enforced!”.
     I love traveling in my carrier on the buses because it means we are going on an adventure. I’m so quiet when we do that, so my Mom and Dad will be happy with me. The bus drivers in México don’t mind if I travel on the bus with my people.
I'm Happy to Be Home in Sayulita!
     I like traveling just fine. But, I’m always so happy to get back home to Sayulita, México. The warm, sandy beaches and my cozy home and yard are my favorite places.
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  1. What a charming post! Bella is adorable! I do have a question about her riding on the bus with you. Do you mean the ADO bus? I was under the impression that no dogs were allowed. We love to travel in Mexico on the ADO buses but have always boarded our Boston Terrier when we travel within the country. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily,
      I replied to your comment and question. Thanks for reading. Just wanted to make sure your got my reply.

  2. Hi Emily,
    We take Bella on the city buses in Mazatlan, Sayulita, and Puerto Vallarta, in her carrier, no problem. We asked the bus driver of the Vallarta Plus bus from Sayulita to Guadalajara if we could take our pet with us on board and he said no problem. We also took her on the water taxi from PV to Yelapa. Not sure about other buses.
    Happy Travels,

    1. Thanks Terry. City buses are different from ADO; I think they have a pretty strict pet policy. I've actually never ridden on a city bus, only collectivos (in the Yucatan peninsula). I know that some taxi drivers will take pets in their carriers as well. It's kind of hit or miss and may depend on the driver as much as anything else. I appreciate your response.

  3. bELLA, i ENJOYED YOUR STORY ALOT. You are lucky to have such great people.

    1. Thanks, Gramma! I'm lucky to be able to dig crabs, too.