Wednesday, March 16, 2022

My March HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO Newsletter has been Published

Visitors From Oregon and Editing My Latest Book

     March has been a busy month for us here in Puerto Vallarta. It's been great to have friends visit from Oregon! We toured the Vallarta Botanical Garden and dined at some of our favorite restaurants with them. Dinners on the beach always include gorgeous sunsets, delicious food, lively Mexican musicians, perfect weather (is it really winter?), and showy fireworks.

     I’m thrilled that people are traveling to México and enjoying life here.

     Good news! I've been focusing on the final edit of my book, Living in Mexico More Lessons Learned: Healthy Living in Mexico #5. I'm getting close to finishing it. 

     Read more of my March newsletter HERE.

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     I wish you Happy and Healthy Travels,


Terry L Turrell, Author