Sunday, July 11, 2021

This is Sayulita, Nayarit in 2021

 Such an Interesting, Lively Village!

Selfie Street in Sayulita is Very Popular

     Now that we’ve decided to move to Puerto Vallarta, I find myself seeing Sayulita differently, more as a visitor who will only be here for a short time. Mostly, I see beauty. I also see and smell things that now annoy me—short-timers syndrome has begun. But, all in all, Sayulita is about the most interesting, lively town we’ve ever seen in México and we’re glad we've lived here for six years.

Musicians Playing for Tourists Willing to Pay

Beach Toy Vendor and the Crowded Beach in Summer

     Downtown, we see various modes of transportation, from one-person electric cars to horses, bicycles to motos (motorcycles), golf carts to cars and trucks, all sharing the streets with pedestrians. Since we sold our golf cart in preparation for our move to PV, we walk everywhere and notice a lot more. Walking is the best way to explore Sayulita, besides being excellent exercise.

Electric Car, Motorcycle, & Golf Cart Parked Downtown

Horses, Golf Carts, Motos, and Cars Share the Road

     While walking, I notice murals everywhere in Sayulita. If you missed my article showing some of them, check it out at Murals of Sayulita.

One of My Favorite Murals in Sayulita

     Centro, the downtown area, is a great people-watching area. You’ll see everything from the Huichol art and the people creating it, the mayor (El Delegado) at the cake lady’s street-side stand, locals hanging out at the plaza gazebo, crowds at the gelato store, street entertainers, and more. I’ll miss watching the action in town.

Sayulita's Mayor, El Delegado, at the Cake Lady's Stand

     Our tropical garden is beautiful all year, but when the rainy season starts in July, plants grow as though in a jungle. It brings butterflies, hummingbirds, chachalacas, iguanas, and many birds. One morning when the rain stopped, we had a wonderful foursome of butterflies dancing around the bougainvillea. Be sure to watch this rare video I captured of the dancing butterflies.

View from Our Patio--Iguana & a Cacique Hanging Nest

4 Dancing Butterflies Video

     The rains also bring critters out in our yard, such as the green garden frog and the land crabs. Bella hunts for the crabs and calls to us when she finds one that has come out of the soil—she has a distinctive high-pitched bark that means “crab located!” and she won’t stop until Jon captures it. Then Jon gets a “reacher” to grab the crab so he doesn’t get pinched and releases it to the jungle where it will migrate to the beach to breed.

Bella Tracked a Land Crab Hiding under the Propane Tank

     The sky can appear ready to dump rain in the afternoon and an hour later has cleared. Most times, the rain comes during the night which is a blessing as it brings a cooler morning with clear skies. But when it rains in the afternoon, we enjoy glasses of wine and watching the rain run off the barrel tiles of our roof. Here’s a video that gives you a sense of the mesmerizing, musical sound.

Rainy Season Video from Our Patio

Rain Washes the Plants and Brightens the Garden

Busy Beach on a July Weekday--Looks Like Rain
An Hour Later, the Clouds have Cleared

     When it has rained hard enough for a week or so, the river begins flowing. The dogs, and sometimes children, play in the muddy water, happy to finally cool off. The downpours also cause some old trees to fracture and fall, taking power and internet lines down.

Tree and Lines Down This Week on Our Street

     We’ll always cherish memories of our time in Sayulita, a Pueblo Mágico often described as a bohemian town. Renting a lounge chair and umbrella at Don Pedro’s or on the north beach and enjoying a margarita from La Sirena while we watch the waves and read our Kindles is one of our favorites, especially on a hot summer day. Enjoying the Sayulita sunsets during dinner at a beachfront restaurant is always a special time. As we move on to our next adventure, living to a condo, we look forward to watching the sunsets of Puerto Vallarta.

A Beautiful Sunset Behind Punta Sayulita

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     Terry L Turrell, Author