Monday, March 28, 2016

CHOOSING TO EXPATRIATE TO MEXICO: Save Money in Retirement AND Live Well!


Terry L. Turrell, Author, Living in Mexico
     I recently received a request for an interview with (For Mexico) about our decision to expatriate to Mexico, i.e. to change our place of primary residency from the United States to Mexico. When I first thought about these interview questions, I realized that each answer could encompass an entire blog article or a complete chapter in one of my books. Some of these topics have been covered with the detailed answer in my book "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico" available from Others will be addressed extensively in my upcoming book "Retirement Before the Age of 59 (Healthy Living in Mexico #2)". But, for now, let me give an abridged answer to questions I am often asked about choosing to move to Mexico and deciding to become an expat.

Who are you, where do you come from, what were you doing before and what are you doing nowadays?
     Before moving to Mexico, I lived in Ashland, Oregon with my husband, Jon, and our long-hair miniature dachshund, Bella. I was a Traveling Pharmacist, covering vacations and days off for other pharmacists during the summer and fall months. When the gray November weather arrived in Ashland, we would load up our motorhome and drive away, headed for six months of sunshine south of the U.S. border. In the past year, we lived... To read more, click on:
Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico: CHOOSING TO EXPATRIATE TO MEXICO