Friday, October 8, 2021

Selling Our Sayulita Home, A FREE Book, Goodbye Bella

The Sale of Our Cozy Sayulita Casita Finally Closed

     After living in our cozy casita in Sayulita for almost six years, Jon and I decided to sell it and purchase a condo in Puerto Vallarta. Boy, did we get some lessons in real estate transactions!

We Enjoyed Living in Our Cozy Casita in Sayulita

Real estate sales in México take an immense amount of time and patience, more now than ever. We repeatedly asked our realtor, “Why?”, sent more requested documents, and then waited. We asked, “When?”, and waited some more. Why was our closing date being postponed?

The pandemic was blamed for paperwork delays. Hurricane Nora at the end of August created havoc, flooding, and more postponement. A very busy real estate market in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita was often mentioned as the cause of holdups. Preparation of the bank trust, a document required for ownership of property by foreigners, dragged for weeks. And then, it was El Grito de Independencia, the Mexican Independence Day on September 16, a major holiday that lasts at least a week. The meeting to close the sale had to be rescheduled until all attorneys, realtors, the buyer, and both Jon and I were available to meet at one time for the official signing of many documents.

     Finally, on Monday, September 20, the El Grito festivities were finished. More than three months after... to continue reading, click here.

Bella, Our Sweet and Sassy Dachshund

September brought some joy, and then sorrow.

     On September 12, as we began to accept that our beloved Bella’s health was declining, I wrote the article, “Bellathe Dachshund Describes Her New Life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”. 

     Bella has always been full of energy and spunk. Even as her body was failing, she continued to use her antics and sassy ways to make us laugh. To continue reading, click here.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Bella the Dachshund Describes Her New Life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 I Live in a Condo Now!

     My people and I moved to Puerto Vallarta in July. I wasn’t too happy about leaving my big yard in Sayulita, but it turned out to be a good place for me in my senior years. I’m 11 ½ people years old now, so that’s 80 dog years. Whew, I’m not an energetic pup any longer!
     I love to retrieve the football in the evening while my people drink wine at home. A few months ago, I hurt my back running up and down one step from our patio in Sayulita. For two weeks, my back legs were paralyzed. My Sayulita vet told me I’m not supposed to do stairs anymore.
We have Elevators Now, No Stairs for Me!
I'm a Little Afraid in the Elevator
     My mom and dad shopped for months to find a pet-friendly condo just for me. Our new home has elevators and ramps for me to walk on. I’m a little afraid of the elevator, especially crossing that crack to get in or out, but it’s better than going up and down the stairs.
I Want to Go in that Garden!
      The garden outside our condo is beautiful. I wonder why they put it up so high with a wall around it so I can’t go in there to go potty. The gardeners prune everything once a week so Mom and Dad don’t have to work so hard anymore. I walk my mom and dad out to the cobblestone streets to find places to go potty now.
I Walk Down this Ramp to the Cobblestone
     I go on short walks in the neighborhood with my people. Once a month we walk to our corner OXXO convenience store where Dad pays the CFE electricity bill and their Telcel cell phone bills. Mom and I stay outside so I can smell everything and wait to see other dogs. Mom and Dad always wear those funny-looking masks—maybe they don't like the smells outside.
We Pay Our Bills at the OXXO Store
     That's enough exercise for me in the summer heat and humidity! I have to go home and rest after that. I rest a lot now that I'm old. My condo is a nice, air-conditioned place for a nap with my babies.
I Like Resting in the Air Conditioning Now
     Can you believe my mom and dad ordered
 a vacuum cleaner from Amazon for our condo? They know I have a love-hate relationship with those noisy things. While Mom was putting the vacuum together, I kept poking it because I wanted to hear it roar so I could bark at it. Then I had to grab my moose-elk and bark to protect it. When Mom started using the vacuum cleaner, it just puffed out steam but never made a sound. So disappointing—it was just a steam cleaner for the tile floors.
I had to Protect My Moose-Elk from the "Vacuum"
I Bark, Secretly Wanting the "Vacuum Cleaner" to Roar
     I still track geckos and keep the Chachalacas away. Those crazy birds come right onto our balcony and look in our kitchen window! They're bigger than me, but I'm not afraid of them. It’s great to have something to bark at, though I get in trouble because condo dogs aren’t supposed to bark or they get kicked out.
A Chachalaca Looks in Our Window
     I’m still looking for iguanas, land crabs, or Téjones, but I haven’t found any of those critters the way I did in Sayulita. The land crabs don't come to our balcony, probably because the only dirt is in pots where they can't climb up and bury themselves. I guess the iguanas don't like to live in a big city because I can’t smell any, even in the trees around our condo. Oh, well… Dad and Mom would just yell, “Bella, Don’t Chase the Iguana!” You might remember that story from my mom's blog when I was younger.
I Loved Barking at Critters in Our Sayulita Garden

A couple of weeks ago, I was really sick, so Mom and Dad took me to a new vet in Puerto Vallarta. I got to ride down the hill from our condo in the funicular—that saved me from hobbling down ninety steps. I wasn’t scared in it and I could see clear to the ocean from up there at the top of the hill.

Here Comes the Funicular to Give Us a Ride!
Here We Go Down the Funicular Tracks!
     My new vet, Dr. Julian at Hospital Veterinario Del Sol, was so gentle I didn’t even shake when he examined me. He said I have heart failure because I’m old for a dachshund. He gave me medicine and special food. Dr. Julian told Mom and Dad that it was too hot outside for me to walk or run right now, so they carried me home in my pet carrier.

We Stopped At Andale's Restaurant for Lunch

After we left the vet, Mom and Dad took me with them to lunch. The hamburgers they ate at Andale’srestaurant smelled so good, but they said I couldn’t have any people-food. Not even one bite of meat! Not fair…

I Sneak My Bone and Moose-Elk onto Mom's Yoga Mat
     During the summer, we love doing yoga in our air-conditioned condo. As soon as Dad rolls out the yoga mats, I sneak my bone and moose-elk toy onto Mom’s purple mat. I get scolded, but only playfully, then I get a belly rub. It works every time!
I Check the Groceries, then Ask "Where's the Meat?"
     We get our groceries delivered from La Comer supermarket. It’s very handy because Mom and Dad don’t have to leave for hours to get food. A man brings it right to our door which gives me a reason to bark, telling him to stay out of our house. Then I check the grocery box and it’s full of fruit. I loudly demand to know where the meat is, so Mom shows me a bag of turkey lunch meat. I’m feeling better these days so she gives me a bite even though my new vet said no people-food. I know Mom won’t tell him that we cheated on my diet.
Our Beach and Pier in Puerto Vallarta
We live just three blocks from the Los Muertos beach and Muelle (pier) in Puerto Vallarta. Mom says there aren’t any sand crabs to dig for on this beach so I stay home when they go there. Do you remember how much I loved digging in the sand when I was a youngster? I miss that—and sitting in the sand under the table during lunch on the beach.
I Loved Digging When I was a Youngster!
     These days, Mom and Dad leave me at home where it’s cool when they go to the beach. Mom always brings me some yummy people-food when they come back, so I know they’ve been to one of the ocean-front restaurants without me. I'm okay with that.
I Bring the Ball to Mom and Beg to Play Fetch

I still like playing football and can persuade my people to throw it for me on our new balcony. When Mom throws the football, it only goes about ten feet, but that’s enough for me these days. I don’t have any stairs to jump up or down, so that’s good. I still get tired, though, after ten retrievals and have to rest. I settle into my bed and gaze out at the neighborhood. Looking at the Puerto Vallarta Old Town in the evening is very enjoyable.

Playa Los Muertos Pier and Pirate Ship

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     P.S. After two weeks of eating canned food for old dogs, I'm on strike against all dog food. I only eat people food now. Don't tell my vet!
Bella Turrell, Begging for People Food

Sunday, July 11, 2021

This is Sayulita, Nayarit in 2021

 Such an Interesting, Lively Village!

Selfie Street in Sayulita is Very Popular

     Now that we’ve decided to move to Puerto Vallarta, I find myself seeing Sayulita differently, more as a visitor who will only be here for a short time. Mostly, I see beauty. I also see and smell things that now annoy me—short-timers syndrome has begun. But, all in all, Sayulita is about the most interesting, lively town we’ve ever seen in México and we’re glad we've lived here for six years.

Musicians Playing for Tourists Willing to Pay

Beach Toy Vendor and the Crowded Beach in Summer

     Downtown, we see various modes of transportation, from one-person electric cars to horses, bicycles to motos (motorcycles), golf carts to cars and trucks, all sharing the streets with pedestrians. Since we sold our golf cart in preparation for our move to PV, we walk everywhere and notice a lot more. Walking is the best way to explore Sayulita, besides being excellent exercise.

Electric Car, Motorcycle, & Golf Cart Parked Downtown

Horses, Golf Carts, Motos, and Cars Share the Road

     While walking, I notice murals everywhere in Sayulita. If you missed my article showing some of them, check it out at Murals of Sayulita.

One of My Favorite Murals in Sayulita

     Centro, the downtown area, is a great people-watching area. You’ll see everything from the Huichol art and the people creating it, the mayor (El Delegado) at the cake lady’s street-side stand, locals hanging out at the plaza gazebo, crowds at the gelato store, street entertainers, and more. I’ll miss watching the action in town.

Sayulita's Mayor, El Delegado, at the Cake Lady's Stand

     Our tropical garden is beautiful all year, but when the rainy season starts in July, plants grow as though in a jungle. It brings butterflies, hummingbirds, chachalacas, iguanas, and many birds. One morning when the rain stopped, we had a wonderful foursome of butterflies dancing around the bougainvillea. Be sure to watch this rare video I captured of the dancing butterflies.

View from Our Patio--Iguana & a Cacique Hanging Nest

4 Dancing Butterflies Video

     The rains also bring critters out in our yard, such as the green garden frog and the land crabs. Bella hunts for the crabs and calls to us when she finds one that has come out of the soil—she has a distinctive high-pitched bark that means “crab located!” and she won’t stop until Jon captures it. Then Jon gets a “reacher” to grab the crab so he doesn’t get pinched and releases it to the jungle where it will migrate to the beach to breed.

Bella Tracked a Land Crab Hiding under the Propane Tank

     The sky can appear ready to dump rain in the afternoon and an hour later has cleared. Most times, the rain comes during the night which is a blessing as it brings a cooler morning with clear skies. But when it rains in the afternoon, we enjoy glasses of wine and watching the rain run off the barrel tiles of our roof. Here’s a video that gives you a sense of the mesmerizing, musical sound.

Rainy Season Video from Our Patio

Rain Washes the Plants and Brightens the Garden

Busy Beach on a July Weekday--Looks Like Rain
An Hour Later, the Clouds have Cleared

     When it has rained hard enough for a week or so, the river begins flowing. The dogs, and sometimes children, play in the muddy water, happy to finally cool off. The downpours also cause some old trees to fracture and fall, taking power and internet lines down.

Tree and Lines Down This Week on Our Street

     We’ll always cherish memories of our time in Sayulita, a Pueblo Mágico often described as a bohemian town. Renting a lounge chair and umbrella at Don Pedro’s or on the north beach and enjoying a margarita from La Sirena while we watch the waves and read our Kindles is one of our favorites, especially on a hot summer day. Enjoying the Sayulita sunsets during dinner at a beachfront restaurant is always a special time. As we move on to our next adventure, living to a condo, we look forward to watching the sunsets of Puerto Vallarta.

A Beautiful Sunset Behind Punta Sayulita

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