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BORED AFTER RETIREMENT IN MEXICO? NO! How Did We Ever Have Time for a Job?

A Day in the Lives of Jon and Terry in México

     We are frequently asked, “Do you get bored living in México? What do you do all day?” It was time to try to describe why we have not experienced one day of boredom in the three years since we moved here. “A day in the lives of Jon and Terry”, after retiring in México, is anything but boring.   
View During Our Yoga Class at Don Pedro's Palapa
     I decided to track one of our typical days with photos. When I looked at the thirty-six photos and three videos I took throughout our day, I wondered how we ever had time to hold down full-time jobs!
     Our plan was to start the day with a 9:30 yoga class at Don Pedro’s palapa. What a view we would enjoy from the palapa overlooking the ocean and our village, Sayulita! Well, okay, we do have to take care of some everyday tasks on our way out the door, the typical morning routines… put the
garrafón on the porch so the water man will deliver a full bottle,

shoo the chickens out of my front garden,

sweep up the leaves from our porch and street in front of our house… you know, México chores.
     Why is life in México so much more enjoyable than before we quit our jobs and moved here? The answer is, when we worked 8 to 12 hours a day, five or six days a week, that left very little time to cram in our personal appointments, exercise, and leisure activities. After retirement, there’s no more cramming appointments into lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends. After moving to México, the need for money drops to about half that required while living in the U.S., so early retirement works. Life becomes fun!
Yoga Class with Jim Gallas at Don Pedro's Palapa

     Exercise for the day? Walk to yoga class. Not only did we get a mile round-trip walk to the beautiful Don Pedro palapa, overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean, we enjoyed a wonderful hour-and-a-half yoga class with Jim Gallas.
Walking Home from Yoga through Villa Amor's Pretty Property
Cleaning the Trash Out of Our Recycle Bins on the Way Home

     Walking home from yoga through Villa Amor's pretty waterfront property was relaxing and enjoyable. Cleaning the trash out of our eight sponsored recycle bins on the way home completed our volunteer work for the day. 
Orgasmic Peanut Butter & Smucker's Jam on Toast for Lunch

     Time for a quick lunch at home before our 1:00 appointment. I fixed Orgasmic peanut butter, made locally, and Smucker's jam on toast with apple slices for our healthy lunch, then we took a one-mile walk through centro to the other end of town.
We Walked Past Calle Delfines in Downtown Sayulita
and Past the Sayulita Plaza, Quiet This Afternoon
     Personal appointment for the week? We needed haircuts. Jon called for an appointment at El Corte salon the day before, and then we walked to town for haircuts this afternoon. I was even able to work in a pedicure while Jon got his hair cut by Marta. We had a two-hour leisurely salon visit, reading our Kindles while relaxing. 
El Corte Salon is Easy to Recognize and Well Known
Marta Cuts Jon's Hair While I Enjoy My Pedicure
A Stop at Rodolfo's Market for Groceries on Our Walk Home
I Get a Little Time for Writing While Jon Reads
A Walk Down the Beach to Coco's Beach Club for Dinner
I Caught a Short Video of the Surfers

Margaritas and Fish and Chips at Cocos While Watching the Surfers
A Walk Past the Elementary School, Admiring Their Art
To the Secret Garden for a Live Theater Sayulita Play
     After the play, we stopped at the Cake Lady’s table in the plaza to buy a slice of chocolate cake to share for breakfast. I bought two bananas at Mi SuperTiendita to make breakfast a balanced meal. By the time we walked home, my Fitbit reported that I had over 13,700 steps for the day, about six miles. We didn’t get our dishes washed or our laundry put away, but there’s always mañana.
     That was just one typical day in our lives. Other days will include Zumba classes, a Recycle Center work party, an Elementary School dance performance, beach cleanup work parties, baby turtle releases on the beach, the ProSayulita Fiesta, surf competitions to watch, Stand Up Paddleboarding and boogie boarding, local fund-raisers, and more. There’s lots more time for fun, living in México!

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and for your nice comment, Alianza.

  2. Sounds and looks like a pretty perfect day to me!

    1. You're right, Emily. It was! Thanks for reading and commenting on my article.

  3. I do not know how you find time to blog!

    1. That's a great point, Diana! I have two chapters left to write on my next book, too. Then I start proofreading it. I get my rest period while I write, some days just not as much as I would like. But, never a dull day! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  4. Nice write-up and pics! When we are RVing, the days take care of themselves and I don't miss work at all. It just takes a change in mindset to appreciate life in the slow lane.

    1. Thanks, Ken. I agree with your perspective. It seems that many folks who are still working envision themselves with nothing to do when they quit. That sure isn't the case, is it?!

  5. Terry as usual I enjoyed this writing very much. It sounds like your days are good. MOM

  6. Thanks, Mom! Half the reason I write my blog articles and add lots of photos is so you can see what we do with our days. Love, Terry

  7. What is the cost of living for two people? Great blog.
    Harry from Canada

    1. Hi Harry from Canada,
      Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I did a blog article on our budget a while back. You might like to take a look at:
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