Sunday, July 24, 2022

Our First ATV Ride Ever! We're Not Too Old for Fun in the Jungle 😅

 At Canopy River in Puerto Vallarta

Riding Through the Artificial Waterfall--Cooling!

     I'm pretty proud that we rode ATVs for the first time at our ages—Jon, my husband, at 72, still a mad-man for speed, and me at 66, a little nervous!

Jon and Terry Ready to Start Their ATV Adventure

     We started out clean, then rode through mud, cooling artificial waterfalls, a beautiful mountain jungle, and over the longest suspension bridge in Mexico. It was a fun afternoon!

Riding Through the Manmade Mud Puddles Was a Blast!

Jon Didn't Get a Big Enough Mud Splash on the First Hole

So He Hit the Second Mud Pit at Full Throttle!

     Some people say ATV tours harm the environment. I was one who, at one time, would be annoyed when a line of them roared out of the jungle and into Sayulita to stop for lunch. But after taking this tour with Canopy River, I feel they are a responsible company. They've created a fun route on private land that protects the jungle and river and they do not allow off-road riding.

Stopping to Cool Off at Jorullo Falls
I Was the Slow-Poke in the Bunch, Jon Bringing Up the Rear
     It wasn’t as easy as it looked to maneuver around some of those muddy, downhill curves. One of the guys ahead of us forgot to release the throttle while he braked and went into a spin. He slid off the trail, down a slope, and cracked a fiberglass fender. He, fortunately, did not get injured and was strong enough to push his ATV back onto the track.
    Though I'd never ridden an ATV in the past, I think riding mini-bikes when I was a kid helped me understand how to coordinate the throttle and the brakes. These rigs were semi-automatic so we could leave them in third gear all the time if we wanted, avoiding the need to shift on hills. That made it easy!

Watching Mules and People Crossing Jorullo Bridge

Our Turn to Cross the Jorullo Bridge

Jon Was the Last ATV Rider to Cross

     Canopy River Tours had plenty of guides to help those of us who were lagging behind (like me🤣), a refreshing drink stop overlooking the jungle and Jorullo Bridge, and a nice restaurant at the end of the tour. We were hungry by the time we had our dinner and margaritas!

Canopy River's Beautiful Location & Event Center

     We're grateful that we retired in Mexico where we have the opportunity to explore so many fun places, the weather is wonderful, and our pesos stretch farther. 

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