Saturday, July 9, 2022

Massages Weekly in México for Our Mental and Physical Wellbeing

 That's Healthy Living in México!

Jon's Therapeutic Massage Begins

I’ve long believed that a good therapeutic massage is beneficial to our mental and physical health. After we retired in Sayulita, México, we could afford to treat ourselves to a massage once a week. We had a very good masseuse at Hotelito Los Sueños and the experiences were wonderful!

When we moved to Puerto Vallarta, we were worried about finding a new massage therapist who wasn’t too expensive. This was as important as finding a good hair stylist, doctor, and dentist. We lucked out on the first try!

Yvonne at Aura Spa is Wonderful!

We’ve decided to share our secret. Aura Spa is where Yvonne gives massages and we highly recommend her. Her strong yet gentle hands soothe our aching muscles. If I need a little extra pressure in a troubling area, I point it out to her and she happily responds with just the right amount of kneading, sensitive to the knots in my muscles and sore joints, until the pain recedes. Though she doesn’t speak much English and I speak even less Spanish, we can communicate just fine.

My Massage Table and Yvonne are Ready

The one-mile walk along the malecón to Aura Spa adds to our healthy living routine. I see something new each time I make the trek, with the anticipation of my therapeutic, relaxing massage motivating me to move at a good pace so I’m not late for my appointment. I get some aerobic exercise and work up a sweat getting to my massage, then swab off with a towel and relax on the table for a few minutes as my heart rate slows. Then Yvonne quietly enters and begins her magic to soothe my muscles and calm my mind. 

A View As I Walk Along the Malecón

Here’s another secret—Yvonne’s massage prices are a real value. Only 350 pesos (about $17 US) for a 75-minute massage! We always go for the full 75 minutes—60 minutes just doesn’t feel long enough. And remember, tipping well is important. We always tip about 100 pesos (about $5 US) for this wonderful therapy. 

We included this luxury in Our Monthly Budget and are grateful that we can afford it on our Social Security income.

Aura Spa's Promotional Prices are Posted

Aura Spa offers nail services as well as massage. These professional ladies will welcome you with their friendly smiles, and often a little laughter.

One note: This is not currently an air-conditioned spa. (But Yvonne tells me, good news, air conditioning is coming!) In the summer, the ceiling fan is turned to high speed and a good-quality floor fan helps cool our skin. I like warmth during a massage, so it’s perfect for me.

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