Monday, November 22, 2021

MY NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER HAS BEEN PUBLISHED--Happy Thanksgiving, Exploring Puerto Vallarta, a 99¢ Book👀

Happy Thanksgiving from tropical México. I hope you will have a wonderful holiday, the best in years!

Jon and I have plans to give thanks in my favorite place, the same stunning venue we went to last year, Vallarta Botanical Garden. After a walk through the colorful tropical flowers, dancing butterflies, charming hummingbirds, and vanilla groves, we’ll spend time in the gift shop, buying Talavera knick-knacks to decorate our new condo in Puerto Vallarta. Then we’ll enjoy the same three-course turkey dinner that we had last year in the Hacienda del Oro while listening to live dinner music and viewing the mountains and river below. The hummingbirds and other tropical birds will entertain us at the feeders hanging outside the balcony. I can’t wait!

     If you’re interested in attending this event, be sure to make a reservation. And don’t forget the insect repellent—you’ll be out in nature, surrounded by the jungle.

Jon and Terry at Vallarta Botanical Garden in 2020

We love our new life in Puerto Vallarta. What a contrast it is to living in a Sayulita barrio, a Mexican neighborhood complete with chickens, sheep, and turkeys. It was the right time for us to experience a change.

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  1. It sounds like you and Jon have an excellent Thanksgiving planned! I just watched an episode of House Hunters International that took place in PV, and a gal found several lovely places for < $600/mo...amazing! It looks like such a charming city; I sure hope we have a chance to visit one day! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Emily,
      We had another wonderful Thanksgiving day at Vallarta Botanical Garden🌹🌹 I hope yours was happy, too.

      Puerto Vallarta is a charming city and we love being able to walk everywhere in Old Town. In reality, under $600 for rent is pretty low because it's becoming very popular to live here. I hope you get to come visit some day, too. Jon and I would love to meet you for lunch or dinner.