Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Our Tropical Mexican Garden Keeps Giving Surprises

Flowers and Critters Provide a Therapeutic Effect

Watching the Orange Bougainvillea Turn Pink
Enjoying Small Bees Work the Hibiscus Blossoms
Discovering A Mexican Leaf Frog on a Bucket
Collecting Hawaiian Red Ginger for a Bouquet
Waiting for the Hummingbirds to Feed
Photographing the Juvenile Green Iguana that Visited
Admiring the Large Caladium Leaves
Planting Our First Coleus
Waiting for the First Two Heliconia Blossoms
Sending the Land Crab on His Way to Mate at the Beach
Counting the Peace Lily Blossoms in the Yard
Quietly Observing the Chachalaca Eat Palm Berries
Noticing 3 Tiny White Flowers Surrounded by the Bracts
Attaching Our First Wild Orchid Plant to a Tree
Arranging My Garden Photos into this Blog Post
     I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing my version of healthy therapy on a hot, humid tropical day in Sayulita, Mexico.

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  1. love that garden! your full time nurturing has done wonders!

    1. Hi Jody and Mar,
      Thank you for your nice comment. As you can tell, we love the garden. Putting a drip system in with drippers to most of the plants helps minimize the work and keep everything happy in the heat since we haven't had a lot of rain yet. You did a great job of selecting and arranging plants that compliment each other. Orange has become a new favorite of ours in the garden, especially since the hummingbirds like it, too. Good to hear from you. Take care.
      Terry and Jon

  2. Your garden is beautiful! Your photos as well. Thank you for sharing your lovely world with us. :-)

    1. Emily,
      Thank you for enjoying my "digital scrapbook" of my garden. It's always nice to hear from you.