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Watching Our Pueblo Mágico Become More Upscale

Beautiful El Pueblito Sayulita Just Opened
     Since we moved to Mexico over two years ago, we’ve been watching our Pueblo Mágico become more upscale. Word of mouth is the best way to find new establishments in our small magical village, Sayulita. That’s how we happened to discover the gorgeous new development, El Pueblito Sayulita, a collection of large, beautifully furnished units available for rent short or long-term. We had heard from a friend about a wonderful new restaurant, Ximenaz, and wanted to try it for breakfast. We discovered it tucked inside the courtyard of El Pueblito. Located on Calle Playa Azul across from the baseball field, it seems to be in an unlikely location. But once inside, you only know you are in "Somewhere Relaxing", México. The dining area overlooks the crystal-clear swimming pool, lush garden, and rich colors of the condos. We enjoyed our breakfast and then were invited to tour several rooms. They were lovely and clean, with that “Just Opened” smell and feel.     
Breakfast at Ximenaz in El Pueblito de Sayulita
     As we walk from our casita in Sayulita into downtown, we pass four major construction projects that have been ongoing for a year now. The first is Casa de la Ballena (Whale House), a hotel resort that you can’t miss—it has a beautiful new mural of a colorful whale on the exterior wall facing Niños Heroes, created by artist, Maria Canfield. View her art and videos of her in action at We enjoyed watching her create her artwork in the evenings over a period of several weeks. This hotel has off-street parking, a real novelty and advantage in Sayulita for those with a car or golf cart, and a sidewalk along the Niños Heroes, which we really appreciate. You can follow the progress on this hotel by viewing photos on the building contractor’s Facebook page It’s worth a stroll up Niños Heroes to the corner of Primavera, just to view the whale mural.
Mural on Casa de la Ballena (Whale House), Ninos Heroes
     Another yet unfinished project is an eight-unit condominium, Casa Galería, that looks like it will be open in early to mid-2018. The units appear spacious and brightly lit with large windows looking out over the pretty pool. The sidewalks added in front of their privacy wall along Niños Heroes are great for all of the foot traffic on this narrow street. While the construction phase has created some extra truck traffic and debris, in the long run I believe it will help clean up this street. The best part is that Yah-Yah Café, a favorite in Sayulita, is moving into condo unit #1. It will be the first café tourists and residents will see as they venture down from barrio Bugambillia (Bougainvillea neighborhood) toward centro. For more information, see the listing website at
Casa Galería Condominium Has 2 of 8 Units Available
     Two other mystery constructions projects along Niños Heroes are coming along more slowly, probably a year away from completion. The one at the top of the “Unnamed Road” one street above Los Cocos is a very tall building that appears to be apartments or condo units. Hopefully it will be pretty when it is finished. The other is across the street from the 8-unit condominium. As they are still completing block work on the first floor with rebar up to the second floor, it is still a mystery as to what the finished building will be, but likely will include at least one rental.
Mystery Project on Unnamed Road near top of Ninos Heroes
     Over the past two years, one by one, the bare lots and old, deteriorating home sites on Niños Heroes have been built out, upgrading the neighborhood. There are only two or three lots left on this street, with one ready to begin construction in the coming year. While the building process has caused trash messes, traffic snarls, and racket, leaving mud layered over our nice cobblestone road, we are hopeful that once finished, the street and area will be refreshed. The upscale look of the new buildings seems to be an improvement to the neighborhood. There definitely are more options for those choosing to buy or rent homes in Sayulita.
     Also upgrading the neighborhood is the new La Barka Restaurante Bar, opened this week on Niños Heroes. We were one of the first customers to enjoy their delicious, fresh food, peaceful ambience, and wonderful service. We will be regulars at this new establishment.
La Barka Restaurante Bar Newly Opened on Ninos Heroes
     Just a block off Niños Heroes, facing the ocean is another pretty 8-unit complex of one-bedroom furnished apartments, La Esquina. The units look over a large swimming pool, palm trees, and the south end of Sayulita beach.
La Esquina on Pescadores
     Newly remodeled Hotelito Los Sueños toward the north end of town, a couple of blocks away from the beach, is beautiful inside. Popular for yoga retreats, it is a wonderful place to take yoga classes, held in the spacious rooftop palapa. I am impressed with the quality of the new construction and decor. I look forward to trying one of their massages, currently priced at 350 pesos (about $18 U.S.). They now have two pretty swimming pools within the courtyards of the hotel, surrounded by tropical gardens. It’s easy walking distance to town and the beach. The only downsides I’ve seen to this location is that it’s located on dirt roads which get muddy when it rains, and it’s next to the elementary school which can be a bit noisy at times. Once inside the Los Sueños courtyard, the ambience is pleasant and restful.
 Newly remodeled Hotelito Los Sueños' Sign
     Recently completed and opened for business, the Hotel Boutique Oz Sayulita is upscale lodging, though not in an upscale neighborhood, located on Avenida Revolucion, away from the noise of the plaza in centro. In addition to a swimming pool on the property, there is a restaurant/bar and gift shop. The price is relatively high for Sayulita hotels, and it seems, so is its popularity during high season.
Entrance of the Boutique Hotel Oz Sayulita
     The south end of Sayulita is receiving a facelift. Since we purchased our casita two years ago, we have seen amazing changes in lodging choices. The town may still be dusty, as beach towns tend to be, but the new and remodeled hotels and condominiums are looking prettier every day.
     I admit, I am writing this article in hopes of enticing family and friends to come visit Sayulita, for my own selfish reasons. I miss them, especially my Mom, Michelle, Kevin, Bleu, and their spouses and children. My goal is to convince them that Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico is a classy place to visit. Even better, it's a wonderful place to live with many real estate options for purchase or rent. The lodging choices in this article just touch the tip of the iceberg. 
Terry L Turrell, Author
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