Friday, December 8, 2017

Living in Mexico LESSONS LEARNED: Healthy Living in Mexico #3 eBook Available on Amazon!

"Living in Mexico LESSONS LEARNED" eBook--Available on Amazon Worldwide

"Healthy Living in Mexico #3" Available Now!
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Book Description
In this continuation of Terry and Jon's story about moving to México they learn that, while their new lifestyle is everything they had hoped for (relaxing, full of adventures, and less expensive), some surprises and unexpected adjustments are also part of living there. Now residents of Mexico, they find it is not quite the same as taking a vacation to this beautiful country.
Lessons learned along the way, some shocking, came with their transition into expat life. The first two years included new adventures, some fun, others scary; unexpected experiences, some enlightening, others annoying; and new ways of getting things accomplished, some primitive, others simpler. Adapting to the quirks and eccentricities of life in México didn’t happen overnight. It was an evolution, a realization that came slowly with each new lesson, that life south of the border is more different than they had anticipated, and not for everyone. Jon and Terry found that they were tough enough to adjust to this new life, with some advice from Americans and Canadians who had lived there longer, and with some help from their friendly Mexican neighbors.
Terry and Jon love the benefits that drew them to México, the sunny pleasant weather, the sandy beaches and warm ocean, lower cost of living, friendly people, a great variety of fresh, tasty food, many opportunities to exercise and relax outdoors, the culture and history, and the lively colorful holiday traditions. Plus, it’s close and easy to travel to from the U.S. But no one told them about all of the lessons they would have to learn.
If you’ve already moved to México, you can probably relate to some of their culture shocks and adventures. If you’re planning to move south of the border, reading about their lessons before you move may help prepare you for the transition. It’s not a vacation—it’s better.

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