Saturday, June 11, 2022

Spring Colors of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Primavera Tree and Bougainvillea in April

     The Spring colors here in Puerto Vallarta are amazing and include the many hues of the rainbow. These photos are only a sampling of the colors in our neighborhood, Colonia Emiliano Zapata, also called Old Town.
Two Old Bougainvilleas Intertwining their Colors
     Some colors occur naturally from tropical flowers. Others are from the gorgeous blues of the sky and ocean as they change together from day to day.
Red Bougainvillae a Few Blocks from Our Home
     Gay Pride week brought rainbow-striped flags and banners. Murals add more color to our view as we walk around the Romantic Zone. Colorful mosaic tile benches are being created daily in Lazaro Cardenas Park--something new to see every time we walk through.
Getting Ready for Gay Pride Week
Gay Pride Parade Beginning

Gay Pride Colors Against Blue Sky
Murals Add Color to the Neighborhood
New, Pretty Mosaic Tile Bench in Lazaro Cardenas Park
A Costumed Dancer on the Beach

Squirrel Building Her Nest in the Mango Tree

     The blue water in the pool, ocean, and sky soothe. Then sunsets bring the most amazing oranges and golds.

      Photos don’t begin to capture the beauty here. But it gives a sense of what you will see when you visit or move here. We're glad we live in Puerto Vallarta full-time.

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  1. Lovely photos! I do so love the colors of Mexico. We called the trees with the yellow blossoms "scrambled egg trees" in Florida. :)

    1. Thanks, Emily! That's a great name for the Primavera trees--the clumps of blossoms do look like scrambled eggs. The colors here are amazing and a camera doesn't really show the true beauty.