Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Living in Mexico More Lessons Learned eBook Has Been Released!

 Healthy Living in Mexico eBook #5 is Available!

Has Been Released!

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Book Description

Jon and Terry have been living in México for almost seven years now. They are still learning lessons about the culture, new places to visit, alternative ways to travel within the country, and some dangers in everyday life. Health care, buying and selling real estate, and end-of-life planning differ from those north of the border, so there is much to learn about these important issues.

Living the rustic life in a Sayulita barrio, a Mexican neighborhood, for six years was fun. But what happens when medical and dental care needs are not met in that small beach town? Time to reevaluate where to live and consider a move. Using the pros and cons list they compiled for the book “Retirement Before the Age of 59” (Healthy Living in Mexico #2) and recent experiences, they began considering a move to a bigger city with more to offer. Researching condominiums near the ocean led them to Puerto Vallarta.

Jon and Terry may have retired from RVing, but they still travel to interesting places in México. Follow them on their adventures and in everyday life as you read their stories about the last two years—more lessons learned during life in México.

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