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 And So Many More to Try!

A Taste of Europe in Puerto Vallarta

     One of the reasons we love Puerto Vallarta is the huge selection of quality restaurants. TripAdvisor claims there are 1000 restaurants in PV and I’m sure that doesn’t include all of the taco stands. We’ll be busy trying to get to all of them!

     We live in the Romantic Zone, also called Old Town, so we can walk to hundreds of great restaurants. Going out for dinner is one of our favorite excuses to take our daily walk, often getting two to three miles recorded on our Fitbits by the time we walk to and from a restaurant, plus fifteen to twenty minutes of aerobic minutes walking up the hills.

     My criteria for a favorite restaurant are delicious food for a fair price, good wine, a pleasant ambiance, and a clean restroom. I’m convinced that if the restroom is clean and well-stocked with soap, running water, toilet paper, and paper towels, then the employees wash their hands and the kitchen is also clean, probably. Some of the restaurants here are starting to add grab bars next to the toilets for the elderly and handicapped. We don’t need those yet, but the day will come, so I make a mental note of which restaurants have added these though they aren’t required by law.

1. Kaiser Maximilian

    When we’re hungry for something besides Mexican food, and we want a peaceful, air-conditioned dining room on a hot, humid evening, Kaiser Maximilian is frequently our choice. An Austrian bistro with an Austrian menu, it offers a nice variety from beef to vegetarian and an extensive wine list in addition to the full bar. Seated in our corner table, the photo behind us of Vienna, Austria is a beautiful backdrop for our dining experience and memory photo.

     The beef tenderloin I ordered was wonderful. Jon enjoyed their rack of lamb—again. Next time we go for dinner, I want to try the pan-roasted duck breast, or maybe their version of “Wienerschnitzel”. So much variety to choose from! And one of these days, we’ll go to Kaiser Maximilian for breakfast—I’m on a quest to find the best Eggs Benedict in Puerto Vallarta.
One of Kaiser Maximilian's Pleasant Dining Rooms

Yummy Dessert at Kaiser Maximilian

2. No Se Nada

     No Se Nada is one of our favorite restaurants for Mexican food. The food, service, and ambiance are wonderful. Photos are helpful, but this one needs to be experienced to fully appreciate what a gem it is. No wonder it’s rated #8 of 1000 restaurants in PV!

We Started with this Healthy, Nicely-Presented Salad
I Enjoyed Chef Jonathan's Special Pork Chop
Jon had the Beef Dish, Beautifully Presented and Tasty
It was Fun to Watch Our Chefs Work in their Clean Kitchen
Jon And I Look Forward to Returning to No Se Nada

3. De Cantaro
De Cantaro Restaurant's Sign

     When it’s Jon’s turn to choose a restaurant for the evening, he often chooses De Cantaro, an open-air pub with delicious food grilled over a wood fire. He usually orders the grilled half chicken and always enjoys it. My shrimp tacos were especially good—and inexpensive. They are listed as an appetizer but the three tacos are a meal for me. The shrimp are grilled rather than fried making them healthier. These were served in blue corn tortillas which are tougher so they don’t fall apart while eating the tacos. Maybe I’ll try the grilled octopus next time.
Jon's Grilled Chicken and Espumoso
Shrimp Tacos with Blue Corn Tortillas

     Restaurants 4 through 7 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta—So Far! is coming soon. Stay tuned!
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Terry L Turrell, Author

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