Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Your Subscription To My "Retirement Before The Age Of 59" Blog Has Changed

Greetings from Mexico,

     I wanted to let you know about an important change in your subscription to my blogs. You may have received my “Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico” newsletter to explain the changes, also.

     Your subscription to follow my blogs, "Retirement Before the Age of 59" and “Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico” was canceled in Google’s Blogger format. The “Follow by Email” option on Blogger is being deactivated in all of their blogs. Recently, the FeedBurner team released a system update announcement, that the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. So, your subscription was rolled over into my Mailchimp subscriber list and you will now be notified of recent blogs and other news through this newsletter, published monthly, más o menos. We’re living on Mexican time😊.

   I think you will enjoy my Healthy Living and Traveling in México newsletter. To view my April Newsletter, click HERE. If you would like to SIGN UP for the "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico Newsletter", click HERE.

   Happy reading and traveling!

   Terry L Turrell, Author

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