Sunday, June 20, 2021

Murals of Sayulita: A Walking Tour

One of Many Murals Inside Xochi's Restaurant

     Sayulita is a walking town. We walk everywhere, especially now that we've sold our golf cart. As we stroll down Calle Niños Heroes toward the center of town, we see several beautiful murals. I can’t pass one without taking a photo. (I'll include a map of the walking tour near the bottom of this article)

    At the corner of Calle Primavera is the first beautiful mural covering the entire front wall of Casa de la Ballena (The Whale Hotel). We watched the artist paint the whale mural a few years ago, so we have special memories when we view this work of art.

     Now, with your back to Casa de la Ballena, look up Calle Primavera. Near the top of the hill is Casa Vecino Guesthouse with its vibrant mural. Both of these murals were painted by Antonieta Canfield Art.

Two New Murals at Casa Makawe

     Casa Makawe in Sayulita is a brand new, adults-only boutique-style hotel. They’ve dressed up their parking garage doors with new murals. Located just 3 blocks from the beach and the plaza, we see it daily as we head down Niños Heroes to the corner of Avenida Revolución.

Casa Jaqueline at the Corner of Avenida Revolución

     Turn right at the corner for a half block to see Esto Es México, a Mexican craft store in their new location at the corner of Avenida Revolución and Calle Jose Mariscal. They started with the first mural, painted over some of it, and added more darling murals to the exterior walls. Murals come and go in Sayulita.

     Head down Calle Jose Mariscal toward the Plaza Principal, Sayulita’s main plaza. Bob Marley’s mural was once seen along this route but has been painted over. I still miss his smiling face.

     Sayulita’s sign at the entry to the plaza is a work of art often photographed by visitors. It was a rare moment to be able to capture this photo with no people posing in front of the sign. To the left of that is a small new pretty mural painted to disguise the back of the once homely utility box on the plaza.

     Across the street from the plaza is the newly remodeled restaurant, Xochi. This is where most of my favorite murals are, beginning with their beautiful tile mosaic sign and continuing up the stairway and throughout the interior. Don’t miss the large one painted on the back of the building.

     A walking tour of Sayulita isn’t complete without going down “Selfie Street”, the cobblestone lane that runs from Xochi’s toward the beach. You can’t miss it—the one with the flags flying overhead. Many visitors stop at the Sayulita Te Ama (Sayulita Loves You) mural for a selfie.

     If you want to take a short detour past the hotel, Selina, to their restaurant and bar, The Garden, you can peek inside or stop for lunch to see their cute jungle mural.

     The last mural I want to show you is at Mini Super Chewbacca. Their new mural is also their logo but has become a memorial to the little dog that died recently. Chewbacca was a beloved pet, well-known in the village.

     To extend your mural-viewing walk, stroll past the Escuela Primaria (the Primary School) on Avenida del Palmar. The exterior walls have ever-changing murals focused on love, helping others, and protecting our earth. There are other beautiful murals throughout Sayulita—keep exploring and you will find them.

Sayulita Mural Walking Tour Map

     I’ve noticed that when we live in Sayulita, we walk past these murals and other works of art and take them for granted. It’s only when we decided to leave Sayulita after living here for six years (that's another story) that I want to record some of the beauty here. Who knows…the next time we come to visit our favorite Mexican pueblo, some of these murals may be gone and new ones will have replaced them? Change is the norm in Sayulita Pueblo Mágico.

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  1. I so love the murals in Mexico! There are an incredible number of talented artists, and what a difference they make to structures that would otherwise be dull and boring. They are all beautiful, but I particularly love the whale and the entire facade of the Casa Vecino guesthouse from the ones you shared. Oh, and the little dog! RIP Chewbacca.

    1. Isn't the artwork great. I especially appreciate that they are beautifying walls that previously were covered with graffiti. Thanks for reading my article and for your great comment.

  2. Thank You So much !!dear terry!! Mi Ig is Antonietacanfieldart

  3. Where did you move to? Have been reading your blog off and on for the last few years whilst exploring destinations in Mexico.

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