Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Our Mural Viewing Walk in San Miguel de Allende and Then Lunch, Of Course😀


ABeautiful Mural in Colonia Guadalupe, SMA
     I first read about the Street Art project of San Miguel de Allende in John Scherber’s book, Expat Life: At Home in San Miguel de Allende. He wrote about Colleen Sorenson, an American, who started the Muros en Blanco, the neighborhood murals project in Colonia Guadalupe. In his book, the author described the location of the murals and how the area was transformed into an interesting art-centered neighborhood. I wanted to see it—here was a perfect self-guided walking tour for my husband, Jon, and me.

Jon and One of the Street Art Murals in Colonia Guadalupe

     It turns out that this neighborhood is full of beautiful homes, some with a bohemian flavor. Painters were busy working on several homes, upgrading and beautifying.

Terry Next to Mine-Car Number 13

This Beautiful Tile Mural was Created to Last
Templo de Cristo Rey, SMA

The "Dog Train" Mural is Slightly Aged But Still Cute

     After walking around for an hour, taking photos like tourists, we decided to walk to the Inside Café for a late breakfast. Along the way, we noticed Mexican flags hanging from many buildings for the upcoming Mexican independence day on September 16.

The View from the Third Floor of Inside Cafe

     The Inside Cafe is easy to miss with its narrow doorway and almost invisible sign. Here's what it looks like with Jon coming out, masked and ready to stroll in public, safe from COVID-19.

Jon, Masked and Satisfied After Breakfast
     The murals come and go. As they age, most are painted over and a new mural created by artists. Some are kept up with periodic maintenance. For mural photos from two years ago and more about Colleen Sorenson, see this Sues Wanderings blog post. Here's a Google Map showing the area where we wandered during our walk.

Our Colonia Guadalupe Mural Walk, San Miguel de Allende
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  1. What a fun tour! We enjoyed seeing the many murals when walking and biking around Playa del Carmen as well. Glad you are enjoying your vacay! Just saw a Mexico Life episode filmed in Sayulita looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks for reading my article, Emily. We are definitely enjoying our two months of cooler weather and the views here in San Miguel de Allende. I'm starting to miss wearing shorts and flip flops every day, and having sand between my toes, though. Sayulita is wonderful, the perfect home for us. Sometimes we have to go away from home for a while to realize where our true home is.
      I hope you are well. I'm looking forward to hearing about your plans for the coming year. Best Wishes!

    2. "Sometimes we have to go away from home for a while to realize where our true home is." -- so true! This is why we are back in North Carolina and in the planning stages of building a house in the woods. It's our place. We have traveled far and wide, but this is where we belong right now. Enjoy your return to Sayulita!