Friday, March 27, 2020

Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico MARCH NEWSLETTER Has Been Published!

My Mexican Permanent Residency Visa and a FREE Book!

Sayulita Beach is Quiet This Week

     Our world has changed so fast this month that I've rewritten this newsletter three times. I hope you are well. While the world hibernates during this Covid-19 pandemic, Jon and I are catching up on our home projects. One good thing about being home so much this week is that I’ve had lots of time to write. More about that below.
     After driving our motorhome to Arizona, we're happy to be back home in México. In January, we made a rather sudden decision to sell our 28-foot Triple E Class C Diesel motorhome through a consignment company, RV Arizona. Why would we do that after RVing in México for twenty years—and loving it? The main reason is that we decided it was time for me to apply for my Mexican Permanent Residency Visa. You can read more about that in my recent blog article, OUR LAST RV TRIP IN MÉXICO AND WHY! New Travel Plans.
Sadly, Our RVing Days in Mexico are Over
     It has been six weeks since I applied for my Mexican Permanent Residency visa. On February 19th, I had my official photo taken and signed the paperwork for the application at the Book Store in Paradise Plaza Mall in Nuevo Vallarta.        The photographer asked me to remove my glasses and earrings, then pin my hair back from my hair, as required by the immigration office, INM. After she told me I still had too much hair, a wisp of bangs, covering my face, she sent me to the restroom to wet my hair and slick it back from my face. I’m sure my “mug shot” will be worse than any DMV photo I’ve ever had.

     I was told that in about six weeks, I would be notified to return to Nuevo Vallarta for the fingerprinting step. Normally, my Permanent Residency Visa would... continue reading HERE

FREE eBook from March 28 through April 1

     I recently discovered the useful app called Grammarly, an online grammar checker, and have been using it while writing my second novel, Pickle Jar Test: In Sickness and In Health #2. With all of this time on my hands, I decided to edit my novel, Just Another Manic Moment: In Sickness and In Health #1, using Grammarly, and rework the cover. In celebration of publishing the revised version, I am offering it FREE for five days beginning March 28. I hope you will read it and leave a brief review on Amazon as I am an independent author. Each review helps others find this book which I wrote to increase mental health awareness.
     What does this have to do with Healthy Living and Traveling in México? I believe living and traveling in México, a beautiful, less stressful place, is beneficial for our mental and physical health—and the book is partially set in this wonderful country.
FREE on kindleunlimited
Terry L Turrell, Author
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