Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico: A Week-long RV Stay and Fun Adventure

Guanajuato is a unique Mexican city with its brightly colored homes spilling down the hillsides, the maze of mining tunnels now serving as streets under the city, and the historic Spanish architecture. We love all of it.

The Colors of Guanajuato

            This was our second trip to Guanajuato and we decided it was high time we took the four-hour tour of the city. We especially wanted to see the view from the Panoramic drive. It was well worth the 2000 pesos ($100US) to be taken through the narrow, confusing streets by an experienced driver. Plus, he took us to many places we would have never found on our own.
          We saw the Pipila Statue, the Old City Dam, toured the gorgeous Valenciana Church constructed with an amazing amount of gold, the Valenciana Mines where we climbed down about 200 feet into an old silver mine, the Mummy Museum (a collection of naturally mummified bodies interred during a cholera outbreak in 1833), the Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, and more. The tour driver was surprised at how quickly we came out of the Mummy Museum. It was difficult for us to view, though many people are intrigued by it.
Templo de La Valenciana
Mummy Museum, Teatro Juarez, and 
Gardens of Hacienda San Gabriel De Barrera
          Back on our own, we explored using Google Maps on our phone to find our way, a challenge due to all of the tall concrete, brick, and stone buildings blocking the signal. Jon stopped off at an OXXO store to charge the phone—not a typical OXXO, tucked in a historical building. As always, finding good restaurants is one of our goals, and we found some excellent ones. La Taberna de Diego y Frida was a favorite. I include the photo of the exterior of Los Campos Restaurante as it was very challenging to find tucked back in the corner of Plaza Baratillo. The cozy ambiance, delicious tapas, and wonderful service made it worth the hour it took us to find this cantina.
Los Campos Restaurante--Worth a Visit!
          Don’t be surprised if you get on a bus going to centro and it drops you off in the middle of a dark underground tunnel, like this one. We were so shocked that this was a bus stop—and it was the end of the line! We did the only reasonable thing. We got off the bus and followed the other passengers as we all walked on the narrow sidewalk until we arrived at a stairway up. We climbed out of the tunnel and came out in the center of an outdoor market. I doubt we would be able to find that stairway down to the bus stop again without help from the locals. 
Exploring Guanajuato, GTO, MX is always a fun adventure!
If you would like to know more about the Bugamville RV Park where we stayed, please comment at the bottom of this blog article and I will reply. Thank you for reading about our latest adventure!
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