Thursday, April 11, 2019

LIFE IN MEXICO: NEVER A DULL MOMENT eBook is Now Available (Healthy Living in Mexico #4)

New Release!

I am excited that my new book is now available on Amazon. Here is the description:
Life in México after Jon and Terry’s retirement has been wonderful—everything they had hoped for and more. It has been over three years since they bought and moved into their casita (a small Mexican home). They haven’t regretted it for a moment. Really, there’s never a dull moment.
So, what do Jon and Terry do all day? They live. They live, like they would anywhere, but life is slower, warmer, calmer, more peaceful, pleasurable, and much cheaper. They have time to explore the opportunities around them, new and fun activities to do, new places to travel. Retirement in México is bliss, mostly. Every day includes a new adventure or entertaining event, usually some kind of exercise, sometimes a little work, and, of course, time for relaxing. Their retirement is anything but boring.
Issues of interest to expats and those thinking of moving to México such as health care and medical issues, how to receive mail, ways to get involved in the community, ease of travel within the country are addressed in this book, the fourth in the “Healthy Living in Mexico” series. Jon and Terry may have retired from full-time RVing, but they still travel in their motorhome to interesting places in México. Follow them on their adventures and everyday life as you read their stories about “Life in México”.
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Terry L Turrell, Author

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