Sunday, February 24, 2019

WE CROSSED INTO MEXICO IN THE SNOW! Look at the View at the End of the Day!

Cautious Driving in the Snow From Nogales, MX

Crossing Into Mexico at Nogales in the Snow--A First for Us!
Snow Nearly Obliterated the Border Crossing Sign
Very Few Cars Were Headed to Mexico in the Snow
Headed to Hermasillo and then Bahia de Kino
     We made it through the snow in Sonora, MX on February 22, just before the police closed the roads for safety, as many cars had slid and skidded off into ditches, down roadbanks, and toward other vehicles.
Bella, Jon, and I Were So Happy to Arrive in the Sunshine
Blue Sky, Warmth, & Quiet Beach were Welcome Sights
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