Sunday, November 19, 2017

"LIVING IN MEXICO: Lessons Learned" the eBook to be Published Soon!


Available Soon on Amazon!
     Have you already read the first two books in this series? If not, I invite you to grab those and enjoy the stories of our move to Mexico before "Healthy Living in Mexico #3" is published. In this latest book, you will read about some of the most important lessons Jon and I have learned since we moved to Mexico two years ago.
     Are you considering moving to Mexico? Do you envision yourself retiring south of the border? Do you dream about sunny winter days and a simpler life? Come along with us as I tell our story about choosing Mexico for our home.
    "Healthy Living and Traveling Mexico", Book #1, was the story of our "Search for Sunshine, Sassy Exercise, Savory Food, and a Simpler Life". We traveled in our motorhome throughout Mexico, experiencing the beauty of the country and its people. That was when we fell in love with Mexico, even finding that we didn't want to return to the United States. Take a look at Book #1 on Amazon by clicking HERE.  
Healthy Living in Mexico #1
     "Retirement Before the Age of 59" was Book #2, the story of our decision to quit our jobs in the United States, sell or give away almost everything we owned, and move to Mexico. If you are considering a similar move, reading about our journey will help ease your transition. Take a look at Book #2 on Amazon by clicking HERE.
Healthy Living in Mexico #2
     If you've already read my books, a big "THANK YOU!". I invite you to sign up for my "Healthy Living in Mexico Monthly Newsletter" by clicking HERE. You will find out when my new book has been released, when there are discounted prices on my other books, and what my latest blog posts are. 

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