Thursday, August 31, 2017

August in Oregon: Visiting Family and Camping

Retiring Early Gives Us Time to Travel

Jon & Terry Relaxing at Cotillion Gardens RV Park Near Santa Cruz
     "Retirement Before the Age of 59" means plenty of time to do all the things we enjoy, especially traveling to Oregon from our home in Mexico to visit our children, grandchildren, and my mother and aunt. This August, we enjoyed the trip in our motorhome, up through the coastal route of California and Oregon. We camped with some of our children and grandchildren on the Rogue River, watched the solar eclipse with my mother in Salem, saw our new grandson for the first time, and enjoyed clear, sunny skies and delicious seafood in Florence. August was a good month to be in Oregon!
Camping in the Redwoods in Felton, California
Mendocino, California
Thompson McMenamins with Mom & Aunt Dorothy
Camping with the Kids & Grandkids at Farewell Bend
Cooking Hobo Stew and Hotdogs Over the Campfire
Cooling Off With Jon & Bella By the Rogue River
Holding Our Youngest Granddaughter, Eva
Eva Finally Asleep, Dirty & Content on Daddy Chris' Lap
Granddaughters' Silliness and Togetherness in the Hammock
Michelle & Juliet on the Electric Scooter
I Held Our 2-Week Old Grandson
We Watched the Solar Eclipse in Salem with My Mom, Kathy
My Own Photo of the Eclipse at Totality
Eva Played with Her Great-Grandma Kathy
Forest Fire Smoke Was Bad in Much of Oregon
So We Headed Back to the Coast for Blue Skies & Seafood!
     We are grateful that we planned our "Retirement Before the Age of 59". We'll enjoy Oregon and our family for a bit longer before we return to our home in Mexico.
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