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RETIREMENT Before the Age of 59: Healthy Living in Mexico #2 eBook

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"RETIREMENT Before the Age of 59: Healthy Living in Mexico #2" eBook

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Book Description
     Terry and Jon found a way to escape the rat race, retire early, and to make their money go further. This story will inspire others to quit their jobs, retire earlier rather than later, and begin living a healthier life, while having more fun and doing what they enjoy. Why wait?
Making the decision to retire early was the easy part. Deciding where to retire took more travel in their motorhome and lots of thought. The process of selling and giving away their excess possessions so they could begin living a simplified, healthier life was a journey in itself.
     Terry and Jon’s adventures while traveling in their motorhome are enough to entice one to go RV shopping immediately. Their decision to move to México may seem radical to some, but others may soon consider doing the same thing! The story of where they settled in México, and why, will make you wonder how soon you, too, will begin planning a similar escape from the chaos in the world to find your own piece of paradise in the sun.

5-Star Reviews on Amazon.com
5.0 out of 5 stars: 1 Guide to Living in Mexico
By crodger1on
I really liked the overview of all the places Terry and her husband considered retiring in. Good honest answers of why one place may not be the right location and why.
I liked seeing how they transitioned from retiring early, and how they did it, and the insights into a simpler life.

5.0 out of 5 stars: Great Book and Easy to Read
By Suevon

Great book and easy to read. Lots of very helpful information including run downs on specific locations in Mexico. This will be a great book to use as a reference manual when visiting the locations described.

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